We chose to utilize SportsGrass for our football/soccer field project. After analyzing samples, testing data, and talking with different companies, it was clear that SportsGrass would provide the highest quality product and the best overall value.

The included maintenance package was very beneficial as it prevented us from having to invest heavily in specialized equipment and training for our staff. The local presence of the SportsGrass team was also incredibly important. It gave us assurance that we would receive excellent support for the life of the field and confidence that we would not be left on our own after the installation was complete.

Our field, while primarily used for football, receives multi-sport use from boys and girls soccer and youth sports. In addition, it is used heavily by the band, for gym classes, as well as off season conditioning for other sports. The blades of the SportsGrass Edge XP are very durable and the low infill level makes a surface that plays very much like natural grass. It also keeps rubber out of players shoes, eyes, noses and mouths.

The installation was top notch, with laser-straight lines and hash marks. The infill depth was consistent across the field, which provides great play and under foot feel.

We are nearing completion of our fourth football season. The field has exceeded all expectations and is superior to what we have seen on other local fields. We do not feel like a customer, but rather, a valued partner. The SportsGrass team has completed all the maintenance as promised, and more. We highly recommend SportsGrass to anyone considering an artificial turf field.

Rob Howerton
Administrator at Norton High School

Thanks a ton! Very impressed with not only the work, but the incredible genuine great disposition of each guy. Very friendly and always willing to answer questions. You guys should be proud of them all! Thank you again, we love our new SportsGrass!

Rob Sterling
Parks & Recreation Director for Plain Township, Ohio

We have been extremely happy with the SportsGrass turf product at our new stadium. More importantly, we have also been equally happy with the relationship provided by the SportsGrass team.

Over the last three years, the field has provided a tremendous boost to our overall facilities. Our teams, coaches, and opponents have all been very complimentary of the aesthetics but more importantly the performance of the turf in both practice and game situations.

SportsGrass has continually gone out of their way to make sure that we have been happy with their product through every step of the process. From planning, to install, to service on their product, SportsGrass has been outstanding.

Don Shimek
AD at Norton City Schools

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful addition to Parkchester that the newly renovated ball field represents. Our complex is strongly family-oriented, so our recreation facilities are an important asset in maintaining a safe, healthy and happy community. The ball field, with its lush and inviting turf surface, is becoming a keystone in our year-round recreation program. Moreover, we now have the ability to host and participate in local leagues for both softball and soccer, which increases ties between Parkchester and the greater Northeast Bronx community.

While we have performed other renovations throughout the complex, none have been so revolutionary a transformation as that wrought on the ball field. Through years of use and neglect, the bare asphalt surface had become severely weathered and was wholly unusable as a playing space. The field was an eyesore and presented a danger to residents and visitors alike. Now, with the SportsGrass surface, the field stands out in quite another way entirely, and residents encourage both their own children and their visitors to enjoy playing, walking and simply lounging on the spongy, grassy surface. 

Once again, I thank you on behalf of the entire Parkchester community for taking a null space and injecting it with new life. 

Michael Naclerio
General Manager

In 2008, the City of Hollywood’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department contracted with ForeverLawn Inc., to provide a synthetic soccer/football field at its new Boulevard Heights Community Center/Hollywood West Sports Park. We had worked with them for several years; using their Playground Grass under 30 of our playground installations.

ForeverLawn has proven over the years that they have a superior product, quality installations and great customer service. The sports park project continued to verify those characteristics. They were able to deliver a top quality product that met our needs. They worked closely with the general contractor we had on site to coordinate the installation and complete the installation with minimal disruption to other work in the project, including adjacent baseball field work, concession and maintenance building construction.

After construction was completed, they returned at no charge, to repair field damage that had been caused by a water pipe break that was not their fault or responsibility.

As a result of our past experience with ForeverLawn, we are in the process of purchasing a second soccer field from them. I would strongly recommend that you fully consider ForeverLawn for any athletic surface needs.

Jack Mathison
Assistant Director

We operate an indoor soccer facility as part of our first-class sports complex in Salem, Ohio. We recently embarked on an in-depth search for an indoor turf field product. Ultimately, we chose to have the SportsGrass Edge XP product with Envirofill installed at our indoor fieldhouse.

The field is new, but the quality of the turf and the installation is already very evident. We are impressed with the appearance, uniformity and performance of this premium turf product.

Working with the local SportsGrass team was a fantastic experience. The entire team was professional throughout the process and delivered on all that was promised and more.

We truly enjoyed having them in our facility and would highly recommend SportsGrass.

Cory Wonner
CenterPlex Director Salem Community Center