SportsGrass for Indoor Sports Facilities

Gameplay varies dramatically for sports played indoors compared to their outdoor counterparts. Uniform surfaces allow players to run faster and control balls with greater ease, making gameplay faster and more exciting. And while indoor facilities boast controlled climates with no concerns about the weather, specialized indoor shoes and heavy use can really wear a surface down.

A generic sports turf or one designed for outdoor fields won’t give the performance and durability required by the unique needs of indoor sports facilities. Choose an artificial turf product designed specifically for indoor use installed by a company that provides the same detailed attention no matter the size of the install. Choose SportsGrass.

The Superior Turf for Indoor Sports Facilities

We offer SportsGrass products for specific uses, ensuring personalized, maximum performance for your indoor facility. Our synthetic turf products for indoor use require little or no infill. They also feature a premium backing, which creates a longer-lasting, better-performing product.

Plus, our local teams will work with you closely every step of the way. They’ll help you select the right SportsGrass product and design your surface, including any custom design or logo work. They’ll ensure every detail of the installation meets our high standards. And they’ll be available to help maintain your indoor sports field for years to come.

Recommended products for indoor sports facilities:

  • SportsGrass Arena
  • SportsGrass Edge XP
  • SportsGrass Edge XPS