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Product vs. Infill System Comparison

SportsGrass® is working hard to provide a more natural, more consistent, better-playing, and safe solution for athletes. This search has led to the development of our Product-Based systems. Take a closer look at the comparison between the new Product-Based synthetic turf systems and the more familiar Infill-Based systems. 

Both testing data and real-world performance have shown that Product-Based systems provide better performance without sacrificing safety, which equals a better long term value.  We encourage you to take a close look and find the right solution for your athletes.  And remember, SportsGrass offers both systems, so whatever you determine to be the right fit, you can still benefit from the SportsGrass experience of precision installations and a partnership unlike any other.

Does Turf Backing Really Make a Difference?

Like most things in life, the key to building something great is to have a good foundation. The backing is the foundation of a turf product. Our Product-Based systems have a unique, 3-layer, multi-material backing system designed to enhance both safety and performance and also provide superior durability and extend product life.

SportsGrass With Thatch and Premium Backing

  • No ballast needed, so less infill required
    • Lower Infill Level
    • More consistent playing surface
  • Protects the blade from abrasive stone base
    • Longer life
  • Limited product movement
    • Straighter, more true lines

SportsGrass With Common Backing

  • Requires more infill for ballast
    • Infill is higher up the blade
    • Displaced infill equals uneven surface
  • Missing protection of blades
    • Quicker breakdown of product
  • Product more susceptible to movement
    • Wavy, distorted lines

Infill-Based Pictures

Product-Based Pictures