Soccer Synthetic Turf

With a fast-moving, high-intensity sport like soccer, you want a smooth surface that feels great under the feet and the ball. Plus, with a consistent and resilient surface, you can reduce the risk of injuries. With SportsGrass you get the best of both worlds: a natural underfoot feel like playing on real grass coupled with the smooth consistency, durability, and safety of a premium synthetic turf system.

The Superior Turf for Soccer Fields

SportsGrass features reduced infill and flyout, highly durable blades, seamless installation, and a natural underfoot feel for soccer fields that will play well and look great for years to come.

For outdoor soccer fields, we recommend:

  • SportsGrass Edge XP
  • SportsGrass Edge XPS
  • SportsGrass Max

For indoor use, we recommend:

  • SportsGrass Arena
  • SportsGrass Edge XP
  • SportsGrass Edge XPS

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Invest in the superior product that delivers long-lasting performance.