Outdoor Sports Facilities

SportsGrass represents an investment in the performance of your field and the athletes who use it. 

An expertly installed, quality synthetic turf allows for year-round use of your outdoor sports field. It can be used regardless of the weather conditions and holds up under multiple practices or games every day—no more leaving it meticulously untouched until gameday. And it may even offer opportunities for shared use with other schools or organizations—a great way to increase revenue.

The Superior Turf for Outdoor Sports Facilities

For a better, more consistent, longer lasting playing surface, choose SportsGrass. Our products offer unmatched quality, serious durability, and better field performance. We offer custom solutions to deliver the best performance based on your field’s usage.

Also consider SportsGrass for: Lacrosse, Practice and Open Play.

Better Play Surfaces Using SportsGrass

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