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Superior, all-weather sports turf for outstanding performance.

SportsGrass delivers a trifecta that can’t be beat. A higher quality product, expertly handled custom installation, and long-term 
partnership. Indoors or out, small or large, your SportGrass field will continue to look and feel great after years of play.

Why SportsGrass offers the best value:


Unmatched Quality

Enhanced construction, durability, and safety.

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Field Performance

Natural underfoot feel
 and reduced infill fly-out.

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Three Systems

Customized solutions 
tailored to your project.

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Product vs. Infill

Performs longer than 
other synthetic grasses.

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Extreme Safety

Safety without
 sacrificing performance.

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Review the complete line of SportsGrass premium, all-weather turf products featuring SportsGrass Edge XP, Revolution, and more.

SportsGrass Solutions

A premium, product-based solution.

New technology enables us to create a safer, more consistent playing surface while using less infill. Why it's superior

Premium three layer backing
Drainage tile
Geotex liner
4" - 6" of 3/4" angular stone
Inlaid lines Tufted when line is with length of grass. Cut-in where needed.
1" - 2" of small, finish grade aggregate
Infill Amount defined by product and type of infill desired
Treated lumber nailer board
1" Staples One inch, 1/4" crown galvanized staples spaced every 3"
Concrete anchor
Existing sub-base

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When you select SportsGrass, you’re also selecting a partner for the long haul. American-made product, local service, and ongoing partnerships are our hallmarks, along with our premium product.

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